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M.R. Consulting was established in 2010 by Dr. Mordi Rabinovich. We provide the following services for pharmaceutical and medical-devices companies:

• Comprehensive strategic consultancy service in the field of national reimbursement processes: National Health Basket (NHB) coverage, sick-funds formularies, complementary insurances and hospital formularies coverage of new medications and medical devices.

• Leading reimbursement processes for specific products. Setting detailed workplans containing all the elements required to maximize the prospects of NHB inclusion and/or inclusion in the sick-funds or hospital formularies.

• Consultation on pricing strategy.

• Preparation of NHB submission dossiers.

• Performing and adapting economic analyses required by the authorities: budget impact and cost-effectiveness analyses (where required).

• Planning and supporting company’s activities vis-a-vis the authorities and relevant influencers: Ministry of Health, sick-funds, medical associations, NHB Committee and economic sub-committee members etc.

• Representation of the Company before relevant authorities: the Ministry of Health, sick funds and NHB Committee members.

• Managing continuous professional contacts with key decision makers.

• Consultation on business development.

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